Rules and Guidelines



To help with stopping the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19, we require the following:

  • • Face covering must be work at all times.
  • • Practice social distancing of spacing 6' apart from others.
  • • If you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please refrain from participating in the event. Symptoms may include but is not limited to: fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, and nausea.


Whether at the range, or anywhere else, it’s important to practice the 4 rules of firearms safety.

  • • Treat every firearm as if it was loaded –  Even if you know it is not loaded, you treat it the same way as if it was loaded.
  • • Do not point your firearm at anything you don’t wish to destroy – Be aware of where you point your firearm. Keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire – Unless you are actively intending to shoot your firearm, make sure your finger is off and away from the trigger.
  • • Be sure of your target, and what’s beyond it – Make sure you positively identify your target, and be mindful of what’s behind it.


In an outdoor range setting, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you have a safe time here.
  • • 180 Rule – Ensure that all shooters on the line are adjacent to each other. Do not shoot if someone is in front of you or within your forward “180” field of view. Vice Versa, do not step in front of a shooter’s 180 if they are shooting.
  • • Fixing targets and going downrange – It’s a good practice to ensure that when going down range to tend to targets, all firearms are unloaded, and set down, pointed in a safe direction, with the actions locked open. No one should be handling firearms as people are downrange.
  • • Shoot only towards the back berm – The side berms act only as a safety barrier. They are not designed for direct fire. When setting targets up, make sure your direction of fire is always towards the back berm only. Ensure that all rounds impact the back berm. Do not shoot above or beyond the back berm.


Use & possession of any drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited on the range premises.
This includes legal drugs like alcohol, marijuana products, and prescription medication that may affect one’s cognitive or physical abilities.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on drugs and alcohol.
If you are found to be in using, in possession, or under the influence of any drug or alcohol, you will be asked to leave the range.


Route 66 SSP offers a steel target shooting gallery with over 20 lanes of fire. All targets are AR500 steel and set at various distances. As shooting steel presents unique safety considerations, additional safety rules apply at the steel gallery.
  • • Eye & Ear protection required at all times.
  • • Firearms are to be unloaded and in a container when being transported from your vehicle to your designated shooting lane.
  • • Pistol Caliber firearms only. Rifle/Carbine platforms are permitted, as long as they are chambered in pistol calibers. .22LR is considered a pistol caliber.
  • • No magnum of 5.7mm calibers. This includes, but is not limited to: .357, .44, 50AE and other pistol magnum calibers.
  • • No steel cased, steel jacketed, bi-metal jacketed, or steel jacketed ammunition allowed. If it is magnetic, it is not allowed at the steel gallery, or on our range period.
  • • No cross firing. Shoot at only your designated targets directly in front of your shooting lane.


Route 66 Shooting Sports Park offers over 20 individual private bays. These bays are able to be reserved and rented by the public for use by yourself or your own group. Each bay is assigned to a group so that you have a private range to yourself. We have a few general rules for our private bays:
  • • Eye & Ear protection required at all times.
  • • No steel core, steel jacketed or bi-metal jacket ammunition. If the projectile is magnetic, it is not allowed.
  • • Shoot only towards the back berm. Ensure that all targets are placed so that the direction of fire is directed only to the back berm.
  • • Steel targets are allowed in designated bay.
  • • Practice gun safety at all times.